Falcated Duck

Stephen Gerstle rquetzal at msn.com
Thu Feb 21 17:29:44 PST 2002


Tom Aversa and I found an adult male Falcated Duck north of the West 90
today around 10 a.m. It was in a large flock of widgeons that included at
least 50 Eurasians. It was near the old barn at the turn that takes you
west onto Samish Island. The bird was well seen through scopes and all
field marks observed. It was still there at about 3:30 this afternoon but
had moved west and was near the base of Samish Island in a field south of
the road.

Although not as exciting as the duck, we had one adult Black-crowned Night
Heron at the traditional spot. And at the Skagit Game Headquarters we had
at least 13 Barn Swallows. While the light wasn't great all the birds
seemed very pale underneath. The possibility that they are the Eurasian
subspecies is worth considering if anyone can get better looks than we got.

Thanks and good birding

Steve Gerstle
Shoreline, WA
rquetzal at msn.com

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