Tufted Duck

Rolan Nelson rnbuffle at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 25 07:33:29 PST 2002

Greetings Tweeters,

Sunday was just too nice a day to do yardwork, so my
wife and I set out at mid-day to try for the Tufted
Duck at the Hoquim Sewer Pond.
After much sorting through Scaups, we finally located
the Tufted Duck in the southwest corner resting on the
"log" with a mixture of Greater and Lesser Scaups.
Tuft was very obvious and the blacker back was also
evident. A new life bird for me! Also abundent at the
pond were Buffleheads and Shovelers. The fields
closer to the Airport yeilded several pairs of
Gadwalls along with a host of Canada Geese, and the
marsh had a few Wigeons and a GBH.
A quick stop at Brady Loop netted a half dozen Tundra
Swans (the first my wife has seen in the wild), a
lovely Male Harrier posing on a fence post and one
Red-Tailed Hawk.
That's it for now,

Rolan Nelson
Burley, WA
rnbuffle at yahoo.com

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