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Hans Krauss wingnuts at
Thu Jan 10 14:18:02 PST 2002

Ilene: I don't know about videos but the new Cornell Lab of
Ornithology's GUIDE TO BIRDS OF NORTH AMERICA CD-ROM ver. 3 also
previously known as Thayer Birds of North America ver.2.5 is pretty hard
to beat for photos, bird songs and calls, range and abundance maps,
video clips, and quizzes. Also includes the Birder's Handbook. It also
now includes a "lite" version of a Birders Diary and record keeping
system. The new format puts all the information on one page.
It is $69.95 if you don't own ver. 2.5 or $34.98 plus shipping if you
do. Offer expires
March 31, 2002. You can get more information on
Hans Krauss Spokane WA

Ilene Samowitz wrote:

> I am interested in ordering a video that would help me work on

> improving my identification skills. Any recommendations? Ilene

> SamowitzCedar Park, Seattle (N of Matthews Beach)

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