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Blake Iverson coopershwk at
Thu Jan 31 15:34:44 PST 2002

I would have to disagree with what people are saying about keeping this
forum off the topic of starlings and cats etc. It involves birds and they're
very serious issues that deal with the LIFE of birds. It's amazing to me
that people want to keep this a 'bird watching' forum or email site, but yet
never post. I do all the time about merlins in my area and stuff and get no
response. No one is willing to post about their birding experience but
they'll jump to the gun when starlings or cats are mentioned. Ruth Sullivan
(I hope I spelled your last name correct) and others like her deserve full
credit. I enjoy reading their adventures. Keep it up. I don't know how many
of you are on the garden web birding forum, but I mentioned ways of getting
rid of h. sparrows around feeders-one- changing seed and feeders etc. and
the other, killing them through trapping and so on. I was removed and can't
post any more because some WOOSY birders couldn't stand the thought of
killing those nasty S&S. The webmaster said it wasn't on the topic, well, it
was. It dealt with keeping your birds happy and keeping the wrong birds out!
Just like purple martin and bluebird and other cavity nester landlords do.
It's ridiculous. Over something like that. Lets not get too personal about
issues that may not be actual bird watching, and get people kicked off,
perfectly normal nice caring birders like me kicked off for SPEAKING THE
TRUTH! Although, creationism and evolution should be left out because it
deals with religion, and nothing with birds at all. My 2 cents, hope it
doesn't offend anyone, if it does, lets talk. Won't hurt. :-)

coopershwk at

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