Gray Partridges

Rachel Lawson RachelLawson at
Sun Jan 6 11:45:41 PST 2002

The Ellensburg Airport is a traditional spot to see Gray Partridge. I have
looked for them there several times and finally found them there on
12/28/01. Other birders also were reporting them around that time, either
at the airport or in fields nearby. Just drive slowly on the roads through
the airport, which is not that big, and watch for them. As far as I know,
the birds are there all year, but are easiest to see at dawn and dusk. I
hear it is also easier to find them when they have young. I saw a flock of
30 running around and digging in the snow just before dark. They were
quite vocal.

Rachel Lawson
RachelLawson at

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