Jan 06, 2002 Grays Harbor Co.

Jason Paulios jpaulios at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 6 23:44:09 PST 2002

Took my third trip to the Moore RD West in Satsop, again no Harris's
Sparrow! This is about a fifty yard area, and I spent two and a half hours
there today...it's hard to have fun pacing back and forth for this long.
I'm beginning to think I should be showing up in the afternoon, since all my
trips have been before noon. Did see a few interesting things:

Moore RD West 7:50-10:10 AM
70 American Robins
53 Evening Grosbeaks (probably more, but this was a one-group total)
1 White-throated Sparrow

A note on the W/Thr Sparrow, does anyone know of a decent ID mark for the
different striped individuals? The two WA birds I've seen are definitely
variable in tan/white on the crown. The first had a central crown stipe
with some tan, but very bright yellow lores and white side crown stripes.
This bird today had a slight tan to the stipes, but I would tend to think it
was intermediate between the two. Are there other markings? All the guides
show different birds. Thanks.

Jason Paulios
Olympia, WA

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