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I just returned from driving my daughter to California... she kept the
car and I got to fly back-- a good deal?! Anyway we stopped for a half-hour
of birding along the Dike Access Road and Caples Road just north of Woodland,
WA (DeLorme Atlas page 22, R1W, T4&5N). The Clay-colored Sparrow first
reported by Steve Mlodinow and seen by many others is still there. It was
found with several Lincoln Sparrows, 20 or so White-crowned Sparrows, Song
Sparrows, and some House Finches. Turn east (left if coming from the north
off I-5) off Dike Access Road onto Caples Road. There is a white house with
feeders about 1/10 mile on the north side of Caples. If the bird is not
there, try the slough a few hundred yards to the east. I found the birds in
the slough. Also present in the area were 25 Sandhill Cranes feeding in a
farmer's field and a Scrub Jay and 2 Great Egrets on Dike Access Road. If
you're headed to Portland, it's well worth a half-hour detour.

Good birding
George Gerdts
Bainbridge Island
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