Brewer's Blackbirds U-District

Wile, Mike mike.wile at
Thu Jan 10 16:17:47 PST 2002

I see them in the parking lot of the Target in Redmond everytime I am there.

I have always thought it strange as well.
Mike Wile
mike.wile at
Redmond, WA

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HI Tweeters:
I was in the U-District of Seattle today and found a flock of 12 Brewer's
Blackbirds by a bus stop looking for handouts! They were on a side street
off the THE AVE(NUE). I have seen them around Green Lake and the Fill, but
I was wondering how often they occur along regular streets?

Ian Paulsen
Bainbridge Island, WA, USA
ipaulsen at
A.K.A.: "Birdbooker"
"Rallidae all the way"

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