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Brewers Blackbirds seem to be "default parking lot birds" in many areas. They like to hang out in massive numbers at the SuperMall in Auburn and around the bussinesses at Meeker and Washington in Kent. I've not seen any up here in Snohomish County parking lots. It seems like gulls and crows are the "default" bird at Frontier Village near Lake Stevens.
Brewers Blackbirds were THE parking lot bird down in Bakersfield, CA. And I was sure surprised to see them up here in the Puget Sound area!


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Brewer's Blackbirds are also reliably found in the parking lots of the
commissaries and the exchanges at both McChord AFB and Fort Lewis.

Kristin Stewart


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> For several weeks I've been regularly seeing a little group of Brewer's

> Blackbirds feeding on the sidewalk outside the Whole Foods store at

> Roosevelt and 64th.


> James West



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> HI Tweeters:

> I was in the U-District of Seattle today and found a flock of 12


> Blackbirds by a bus stop looking for handouts! They were on a side street

> off the THE AVE(NUE). I have seen them around Green Lake and the Fill,


> I was wondering how often they occur along regular streets?


> Ian Paulsen

> Bainbridge Island, WA, USA

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> "Rallidae all the way"


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