Electric City Hoary Redpoll

Rachel Lawson RachelLawson at softhome.net
Sun Jan 13 21:03:27 PST 2002

Today, 1/13, I and several other birders were able to find the HOARY
REDPOLL at the Andrews residence in Electric City, but the bird was not
very cooperative and it took a lot of patience. I arrived before dawn and
was soon joined by Mark Miller. We got a glimpse of a bird that was
probably the Hoary, but it flew off before we got a look at the
upperparts. Birders came and went all day, scrutinizing all the COMMON
REDPOLLS (including a few tantalizingly pale ones), but only myself, Mark,
Bill and Nancy LaFramboise and Bart Whelton were present when the HOARY
REDPOLL finally reappeared at 1:25. It stayed just long enough for us all
to note the important field marks before it disappeared again.

Rachel Lawson
RachelLawson at softhome.net

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