RBA: N ID / E WA / NE OR -- 01/17/2002

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Thu Jan 17 19:04:52 PST 2002

* northern Idaho / eastern Washington / northeastern Oregon
* as above
* January 11, 2002
* IDWA0201.17

- birds mentioned

Yellow-billed Loon
Lesser Black-backed Gull
Thayer's Gull
Glaucous Gull
Glaucous-winged Gull
Black-legged Kittiwake
Snowy Owl
Yellow-throated Warbler
Hoary Redpoll
Snow Bunting

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hotline: northern Idaho / eastern Washington / northeastern Oregon
Date: January 17, 2002
Phone: (208) 882-6195
Compiler: Kas Dumroese
Transcriber: Kas Dumroese - dumroese at iglide.net

This is Kas Dumroese with the Northern Idaho / Eastern Washington /
Northeastern Oregon bird hotline for Thursday, Jan 17 (2002). This hotline,
sponsored by Palouse Audubon, is updated every Friday evening. Transcripts
of this RBA and membership info are available on-line at

A YELLOW-THROATED WARBLER has been seen near Twisp, Okanogan Co WA for the
past 5 to 6 weeks. It is essentially visiting 2 sets of feeders, one on
Bulgar and another across the Twisp River in the Horseshoe Community
Trailer Park. To get to the first location, take WA 153 north from Twisp,
then cross the Twisp River and make a left onto Ainsworth. Go to the
90-degree turn, turn right onto Bulgar, and go to the 2nd house on the left,
number 311. To get to the second location, backtrack across the river and
take the first right onto Twisp Avenue (if you go here first, that would be
a left turn before crossing the Twisp River) with the King Tire Store on the
corner. Turn right onto Magers Street and straight to the trailer park to
site 62. Dave Dunn lives here and feeds the warbler and would be tickled to
death to have you stop by and chat. WA DeLorme 99, B-8.

Two YELLOW-BILLED LOONS are at Oden Bay in Pend Oreille Lake near Sandpoint,
Bonner Co ID according to Earl Chapin. One bird has been present for about 8
weeks and the other for 5 weeks and both can be seen from Sunnyside Road. To
get there from the north end of Sandpoint, take ID 200 toward Montana, at
milepost 35 turn south onto Sunnyside at the Sportsman Access sign. ID
DeLorme 62, BC-3 (Sunnyside heads south from Culver on the map). A better
map and directions are in A Birders' Guide to Idaho p 33-35.

Found on the Grand Coulee CBC, a single HOARY REDPOLL is persisting at the
residence of Don Andrews, a few miles southwest of Electric City, Grant CO
WA. Found by Patrick and Ruth Sullivan on 5 Jan, several folks have now
viewed this bird. To get to it, at WA 155 milepost 21.5, turn onto Lake
Ridge Lane NE. Don Andrew's residence, number 55947, is a very short
distance down the road on the right. Thanks to Dave Beaudette for the great
directions. The bird is best seen early in the mornings, becoming less
reliable and for shorter periods of time as the day progresses. Also there
are AMERICAN TREE SPARROWS as well. WA DeLorme 85, A-8.

The WA LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL... It's showing up in several spots:

The LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL was seen last week near the entrance to
Columbia Park in Kennewick, Benton Co WA, by Nancy LaFramboise. The gulls
like to loaf on the metal roof of the small marina. At this same spot, look
for up to 6 gull species, including Ring-billed, California, Herring,
THAYER'S, GLAUCOUS-WINGED, and GLAUCOUS according to Andy and Ellen
Stepnieski. To get here, take Exit 5A (WA 240 East) from I-182 to Columbia
Center Boulevard (2.6 miles). Turn left and go to Columbia Park Trail (0.5
mile). Here, turn right. Shortly, you will note the small marina on the

This bird has also been spotted in a field just south of the intersection of
Hussey Street and Newton Road west of Walla Walla, Walla Walla Co WA. This
spot is south of US 12 near the radio towers, northwest of College Place.

And, the LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL has been seen at the Walla Walla River
Delta in western Walla Walla Co WA. The delta is at the jct of US 12 and US
730. On 13 Jan, although the LBBG was a no-show, Mike and MerryLynn Denny,
George Gerdts, Gene Hunn, and Kerry Turley found a BLACK-LEGGED KITTIWAKE.
WA DeLorme 40, D-1.

A first winter THAYER'S GULL was below Little Goose Dam along the Snake
River, Whitman Co WA, on 13 Jan according to Charles Swift. Remember you
can't drive across the dam. WA DeLorme 55, D-8.

Randy Hill relocated the SNOWY OWL south of Moses Lake, Grant Co WA first
seen by the Dennys before Christmas. He saw it again on 7 Jan. It was
between Road 3 SE and Road 4 SE and Road L SE and Road M SE, southwest of WA
17. Watch for SNOW BUNTINGS here as well. WA DeLorme 69, D-7.

SNOWY OWLS are relatively abundant southeast of Davenport, Lincoln Co WA.
Thorough searching early mornings and late afternoons should reward you with
good looks-there may be as many as 6 owls in the area. Birds were seen along
Morrison, Detour, Omans south of US 2 and at least one was spotted north of
US 2 along Jannett Road. WA DeLorme 87, CD-8. Thanks to Gina Sheridan, Mark
Houston, and Ron Dexter for reports.

SNOW BUNTINGS were in a mixed flock with Horned Larks 3 miles west of
Harrington, Lincoln Co WA on 13 Jan according to Lori Conrad. Look for the
birds along both Coffeepot and Gun Club roads west of town. WA DeLorme 71,

If you have any questions about birds on the report, call me before 9 pm at
208.883.0943. If you see any of the birds mentioned in this report, be sure
to let me know.

Good birding.


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