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Fri Jan 18 15:16:33 PST 2002

Lee, I'm also a midwest (N. Ind., where my spirit still resides)transplantee
and agree w/ what Mike Dossett replied about Black Caps songs. I too was
suprised (and disapointed) when I moved here to hear the mono notes of their
songs compared to the dee do-do I was so familiar with. On a snowy clear
Feb. day it was always a promise of spring not-far-off to hear it. During
the 10+ years I've birded W. WA, however, I've heard many Black Caps singing
to the tune of my favorite drummer and THEY never fail to get a response
from ME as its such an easy song to imitate and, old pals that they are,
they always pay me a close, quizzical, (usually vocal) visit! Ron in Brem.
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