Marymoor Park Report (Redmond, King Co. WA) 1/23/2001

Michael Hobbs Hummer at
Thu Jan 24 09:57:23 PST 2002

Sorry for the day-late report. Yesterday, 5 of us birded on a day that began
with a light-but-chill wind from the south that turned into a fairly strong and
decidedly cold wind by about 9:30. The bit of drizzle mixed in made it
somewhat unpleasant to be in. We had some birds early, but there was a LONG
stretch of nothing. Our last bird (before heading over to the Rowing Club),
however, was a good one.


Double-crested Cormorant Around 25 - more than usual
Bald Eagle 1 hanging around N end of lake
Virginia Rail Heard 2
Brown Creeper 1 with kinglets and chickadee S. of
Dog Area
Lincoln's Sparrow 2, one at compost piles, 1 in Pea
WHITE-THROATED SPARROW 1 tan-stripe bird in Pea Patch with...
Golden-crowned Sparrow At least 40

This was just my 4th record of WTSP for Marymoor, the others being:

April 18, 1996 White-stripe bird near east end of boardwalk
Oct. 15, 1998 Tan-stripe bird near parking lot
Nov. 30, 2001 Tan-stripe bird near windmill

For the day, we managed 42 species, and the White-throated Sparrow raised the
2002 cumulative count to 64 species.

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