2nd Plant Recommendation

Michael Hobbs Hummer at isomedia.com
Thu Jan 24 14:12:13 PST 2002

Tweets - I almost forgot...

The Community Garden at Marymoor (a.k.a. the Pea Patch) now offers year-round
plots. Previously, the whole field was plowed each October and again each
Spring. They are now allowing gardeners to maintain their plot themselves

I'm thinking of getting a plot, quite possibly where there isn't available
water, to manage as a year-round plot for birds. This years' year-round plots
have already proven to be good sparrow spots (witness the 40+ Golden-crowned
Sparrow, 1 Lincoln's Sparrow, and 1 WHITE-THROATED SPARROW that we found there

Again, I'd like recommendations for plants that would grow in the sun, in good
loamy soil, with little or no watering required, that would NOT INVADE OTHER
PLOTS, and that would be good for birds. For this purpose, I would not be
limited to annuals.

Any thoughts?== Michael Hobbs
== Kirkland WA
== Hummer at isomedia.com
== http://www.scn.org/fomp/birding.htm

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