Palm Helds for Birders

Stephen Jackson stephen_jackson at
Fri Jan 25 01:22:22 PST 2002

Doug and Tweeters,

I use a palm hand held for recording my bird sightings whilst out and about.
I have Bird Recorder 32 by Wildlife Computing on my desktop PC as my main
birding database and use their companion product for handhelds on my Palm.
At the end of any birding trip it is simply a matter of downloading the
information from the Palm straight onto the PC database. These days instead
of noting what I see in the field and then transcribing it into the PC I
simply note it on the Palm in the field and then within a matter of seconds
of getting home it can be recorded in my database. I find it makes life so
much easier!

Hope this helps,

Stephen Jackson
Stanwell, Middlesex, UK
stephen_jackson at

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>Subject: Palm Helds for Birders

>Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 22:13:36 EST


> Tweets,

> I was in an electronic shop recently and become


>with "Palm Held" notepad/computers. I was wondering if anyone has used


>for recording bird sightings and related info while in the field, or is it

>just overkill and the notebook and pen is far more practical. I saw


>birders in Texas while on a birding trip using them for recording bird


>Just wondering...............

> Good birding,

> Doug


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