Goldfinch question

Birch birchb at
Fri Jan 25 09:28:22 PST 2002

A question regarding the difference in behavior in the winter of 'my'
goldfinches: I live in the Methow Valley in eastern WA, and have
goldfinches feeding regularly, and heavily, at my feeder (black sunflower
seeds) for the warmer 8 months of the year. However, in the winter they
seldom to rarely come by, and when they do they only feed lightly; also,
they are much more skittish than they are the rest of the year. I know that
they are regularly around in the winter, since I hear them frequently. Can
anyone tell me why they don't want my sunflowers in the winter, when they
most decidedly do the rest of the year?


Birch Berman

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