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Mon Jan 28 16:40:10 PST 2002

Since some of you come to our "home stomping grounds" thought I'd let
you know what I've seen recently. On the 24th in Bridgeport State Park we
saw two Canyon Wrens, one Hermit Thrush, 5 Varied Thrush, one of the Fox
Sparrows (which we had on our CBC), Mourning Doves, Juncos, Flickers and
heard Kinglets. On the 26th along Cameron Lake Road, along a small stream
near feeding cattle were Black Capped Chickadees, 3 C. Redpolls and one
Snipe! We only saw 4 Horned Larks, but one Golden Eagle, one Rough-legged
Hawk. North of the Monse River Bridge on the Okanogan River were the two
Trumpeter Swans which were within our count circle on our CBC. We also saw
Bald Eagles, N. Harrier, Kestrel and Red-tailed Hawks. Two groups of
Bohemian Waxwings were seen. One group on Valley Rd. (Brewster), and the
other coming down Indian Dan Canyon Road. The only Gray-crowned Rosy
Finches seen this "winter" was last Nov. Where are they???? Meredith
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