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Tue Jan 29 15:44:55 PST 2002

Hi Tweeters,

I can vouch for what Susan Collicot said about Campus Cats. I was absolutely impressed with the main house for their rescues. Not a whiff of overloaded catboxes considering the house had a lot of cats. All given full run of the house. I adopted from them a pure feral mother, who was found with her kittens in some bushes, for a companion cat for my neurotic Siamese. They are both purely indoor cats and she never shown a desire to go back outside. (He is a different story... but in he stays). They have made the best of friends. And she has mellowed out a lot, but I don't think she will ever be lap cat.

Most reputable rescue organizations have elimination of feral cats as the ultimate goal. Considering general human nature this isn't likely to happen in the near future.

On the other hand I can see the point of view of the people who advocate euthanasia for ferals as well. It seems a losing battle. I definitley lean towards the rescue groups, probably because I am a softie when it comes to cats (and dogs). The guy who wants to tame wildlife for pets isn't up to date with the Washington state law.

I would recommend Campus Cats to anyone who is wishing to adopt a cat, my cat is proof even a true feral cat can find a home.

Renton WA
kjandrich at netscape.net

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