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This site should definitely stick to bird sightings and leave controversy to others. May I suggest to anyone wanting to voice their opinions they should start an email group and or chatroom through Yahoo. It's free and all topics are welcome. Please, let's stick to the guidelines here.

Ellen Granfield
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Ellen -
Agreed, here's an example-here's a bird-killing thread beginning (not yet exiled to another site) on the Canadian birder network done through Yahoo, w/ url's included should you wish to follow along.
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Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 00:42:22 -0000
Subject: [bcvanbirds] Re: Shocking raptor kill at YVR & Western Tanager
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Hi Kyle and everyone,
The numbers do not surprise me at all. If you spend anytime birding
out Sea or Iona Islands, especially on a high tide, they are out
there blasting everything that moves! I question this action when in
the past rockets, bear bangers and loud noise devices worked just
fine. It is shameful, appaulling and something needs to be done to
change this pratice!
In the early Spring of 2000 I watched a YVR "Wildlife Control"
official kill a Short-eared Owl along the fence of the third runway.
In the same week I watched a different fellow brutally butcher a
Mallard and yet another person shot 2 Trumpeter Swans off the Airport
on the mudflats of Sea Island. Justified? Hardly!
Thanks for bringing this up Kyle as I find it all very sad and HIGHLY
Good Birding All!
Rick Toochin

--- In bcvanbirds at y..., Kyle Hamish Elliott <kelliott at p...> wrote:

> I'm passing this along from Jeremy McCall, Conservation Chair for


> Vanc. Natural His. Society. The number have yet to be confirmed by


> YVR Authority:


> I just received a message from Larry Pynn (Penn?) which requires an


> response.

> He reported the following bird kill numbers for YVR for 2001.


> Total 1,239 vs 2,792 in 2000. Good news

> Hawks 46 vs zero in 2000. Shocking

> Owls 71 vs zero in 2000. Dreadful.


> What is the impact of kill numbers like this on the overall

populations we

> are aware of?


> If anyone has any (scientific) response to this, please pass it on


> Jeremy at jmccall at h... as he will be talking to Larry tonight.


> *****


> On a better note, this was just posted on Tweeters by Jack Kintner

> (kintner at n...). Piranga ludoviciana is Western Tanager.


> Bright female Piranga ludoviciana came to the feeder this p.m.

among with

> the Pine Siskins, Fox Sparrows, etc. In Blaine we've had fairly


> snow since it all began Satrurday, up to a foot or more on the hills

> (we're at 275' and had a lot more, at first, than down low), though


> it's wet and not sticking on bare, shoveled-out areas. I expected


> raptors, as we have had a constant herd of 50 to several hundred

birds at

> the array of feeders in our rhododendron grove outside a sliding


> door in my office.

> kintner at n...


> Cheers,

> Kyle Elliott

> Langley BC

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