BANDING REPORT: Neawanna Wetlands - 06/01/2002

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Sat Jun 1 16:47:35 PDT 2002

BANDING REPORT- Neawanna Wetland Preserve
01 June 2002

Method: Up to eight 9m mist nets are placed in mixed Oregon
Crabapple/Twinberry/Spruce along the the upper Neawanna River,
Seaside, Clatsop Co. OR.  Captured birds are measured, ringed 
with USBBL numbered metal bands and released.  Data on time of
capture and side of net captured are also recorded to gain
an understanding of movements through the area.
2002                     	6/01
Neawanna                 	152
Hours                    	4.3
Nets                     	8
Net*hours                	34.4
 Rufous Hummingbird           RUHU	2
 Orange-crowned Warbler       OCWA	1
 Yellow Warbler               YWAR	2
 Swainson's Thrush            SWTH	1
 Cedar Waxwing                CEDW	2
 Black-capped Chickadee       BCCH	1
 American Robin               AMRO	1
new captures                      	8
total captures                    	10
diversity                         	7
birds/(net*hour)                  	0.3
diversity/(net*hour)              	0.2

NOTES: The first hatch-year RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRD of the season 
was captured this morning (HY-male).  There was also a small
movement of female YELLOW WARBLERS.  The most interesting 
capture was an eastern (celata-type) ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER
the first to be captured at this site (up until now only
lutescens and orestera forms have been captured in about a
2 to 1 ratio).

This week's bird-in-hand:

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