Marymoor Park Report (Redmond, King Co. WA) 5/23 - 6/6 2002

Michael Hobbs Hummer at
Thu Jun 6 15:42:38 PDT 2002

Tweets - This will have to serve as the report for the last 3 weeks (weeks 21,
22, and 23) of Marymoor birding. Today was overcast turning to hard rain with
occasional sun breaks. Last week was sunny and nice. The week before was
overcast. Each trip had between 4 and 8 people on it, and all weeks were
pretty good.


Green Heron Week 21+ at least 3 today, active
Wood Duck 2 females, 11+9 babies at Rowing Club today
Bufflehead Female, Week 21. Latest spring sighting ever
Hooded Merganser Pair at RC today. Unusual during breeding season
Osprey Two today
Spotted Sandpiper Week 21
BLACK SWIFT About 50 today**
Rufous Hummingbird Female on nest found at RC - 1 egg
Downy Woodpecker Male feeding young today
Western Wood-Pewee Week 21 and today
Willow Flycatcher Week 22 and today - many
Red-eyed Vireo Great look last week, 1-2 today
Steller's Jay Week 21. Latest spring sighting ever
Bullock's Oriole Male, week 22

*FRANKLIN'S GULL - Brian Bell had this bird on the grass soccer fields about
6:10 a.m. along with a Ring-billed Gull and some Glaucous-wings. I showed up
about 3 minutes late (I saw only a "strange" gull flying north out of the
park). This is new to the Marymoor list.

** BLACK SWIFT were expected toay, it being an overcast day in June or July.
We had great looks at both Vaux's Swift and Black Swift before we'd gotten to
the weir.

Other notable sightings. A BEAVER was sighted week 21. A Great Blue Heron was
eating a CRAYFISH week 22. Also week 22, Hugh Jennings saw a LONG-TAILED
WEASEL. Many fingerling fish were jumping today. In the grass soccer fields
today were 3 CHICKEN, a first for us at Marymoor.

NEXT WEEK and next week only we will be meeting WEDNESDAY JUNE 12 instead of
Thursday, in order that we can get off to an early start for the WOS

Totals: Week 21: 55, week 22: 49, week 23 (today): 51

Year totals: Week 21 added Spotted Sandpiper and Western Wood-Pewee making
114. Week 22 added Franklin's Gull, Willow Flycatcher, and Red-eyed Vireo,
making 117. Today added Black Swift for 118 on the year.

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