a couple of birds on the way home from the WOS convention

Eugene Hunn enhunn at attbi.com
Sun Jun 16 18:37:04 PDT 2002


On my way home from the WOS convention in Okanogan this morning (Sunday,
June 16) I found an Ash-throated Flycatcher in a riparian thicket 0.5 miles
north of the junction of the Cameron Lake Road with the road signed "Big
Goose Lake" which the DeLorme shows as "Tinantwa Lake Rd." It was nearly
silent but gave me a good look. I also heard a brief Least Flycatcher call.
There seem to be Least's all over the place. Some, however, are less than
cooperative, calling briefly, then falling silent for extended periods. They
are most likely wandering about. Perhaps they are first year males, as
Dennis suggests. The 1-3 Least's reported from the white poplar thickets on
the east bank of the Okanogan River just south of the US 97 bridge near its
mouth are at the same location of a persistent Least two summers ago.
Perhaps these are offspring of a successful nesting?

I encountered a singing Sage Thrasher and a second Sage Thrasher nearby
about a mile south of the Ash-throated Flycatcher and spotted a pair of
Black-necked Stilts on Duley Lake, all sites along the Cameron Lake Road
east of US 97 between Okanogan and the Columbia River. Beautiful country.

It was a fine convention and Kraig Kemper and crew deserve our appreciation
for all their hard work.

Gene Hunn.

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