jetty island arctic terns?

Ed Schulz eschulz at
Sat Jun 29 09:00:01 PDT 2002

I know there have been at least a dozen or so Common Terns
hanging out between Jetty Island and Gedney (Hat) Island for
over a month. I saw two Common Terns resting on the log boom
just north of the 10th Street Boat Ramp on Wednesday. I'm
wondering if some of the reportings of Arctic Terns on Jetty
haven't been Commons, especially if seen from a distance via a
scope from the marina area. In the past there have been
Arctic Terns regularly seen on Jetty but it seems that was
more common in the days when there was a large group of
Caspians nesting here.

Ed Schulz
Everett, WA

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Subject: jetty island arctic terns?

>I was wondering if anyone has seen the arctic terns on jetty

island in everett in the last couple of days, and if so what
part of the island and what time of day were they seen?


>Matt Andrews

>St. Louis, MO

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