Reporting to the birdbox

Birding4Brad at Birding4Brad at
Mon Mar 4 20:37:46 PST 2002

I agree with Rachel Lawson (bird box system administrator) %100 that more
people need to report rare birds on the bird box they see. Especially those
of use who bird alot and see very special birds. Not everyone has acess to
Tweeters or a lap top they can carry around with them everywhere they go.
With all do respect to the birders from outside our state as well as within
we should let them know of good birds to see. In this day and age a very
large portion of us have cell phones or could call when we get home to list
rare birds on the bird box. I know from past birding outside of the state
that this is my only source of rare birds to look for when I call local
birding phone numbers and highly appreciate those postings. I have noticed a
large amount of fewer phone call postings in the last couple of years. The
number in case some of you have forgotten is 206 281-9172. Sorry to sound
so negative but this is a great source of info to other fellow birders
throughout the U.S.ofA. and we should let them know of the great birds we
have here in WA. Thank You Brad Wilson Puyallup. WA. birding4brad at

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