Canada Goose shot in Seattle

Melissa Keigley MKeigley at
Thu Mar 7 13:11:31 PST 2002

Hi All-
On Monday (3/4), at 11am, I took an injured Canada Goose to PAWS Wildlife.
It was reported to the CUH receptionist by a person walking their dog
through the Union Bay Natural Area (the fill).

When I observed it for a while before deciding to take it in, it could still
fly a few feet at a time, but could not stand. It was not feeding. I
thought it must have broken legs or possibly lead poisoning.

I found out today that the cause of it's injury and subsequent death (it was
euthanized) was a gunshot wound. PAWS is reporting this cruelty case to
Seattle authorities.

If anyone saw any suspicious people around the fill on Sunday or Monday, or
heard a gunshot in the area, please respond to me with the details.

Very sad in Seattle-
Melissa Keigley
mailto:mwk at

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