phainopepla questions

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Fri Mar 15 10:03:19 PST 2002

Can people answer on-line about the phainopepla?

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> hello again tweets,


> so it turns out that i am planning TWO bird trips for the sunday.

> if it doesn't get all gunky and snowy, it'll be a'tealing we shall

> go, but if it is snowy, then my pal and i will stay closer to home

> instead and will go for the painted bunting and phainopepla.


> i already asked you all about your experience with the timing of

> bunting appearances, however, i neglected to ask about the timing

> of the phainopepla appearances. a quick peek at the archives

> suggests that the phainopepla is very unpredictable and may not

> even be in the area any longer. does anyone have any info to

> share about either bird?


> many thanks, kind tweets. good birding and stay safe this weekend.


> regards,


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