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Tuesday, February 26, 10:28 AM. Hello. This is Hugh Jennings at (425) 746-
6351. This morning about 9 o:clock, I saw about 30 COMMON REDPOLLS in the
Lakehills Greenbelt. They were about halfway along the trail from SE 16th to
Audubon Pond. And also I saw that the RED-TAILED HAWK was back on the nest,
This nest is across from the Phantom Lake Access on the west side of 156th
SE. There were two young that were hatched there last year. I saw the
RED-TAILED HAWK back on the nest this morning about 10 o:clock. Thank you.

Thursday, February 28, 5:37 PM. Hi. This is Stephen Mlodinow. This morning
the FALCATED DUCK was at the base of Sammish Island in a pasture to the
south of Sammish Island Road. We got there around 7:45. There was a large
flock of WIGEON there - a couple thousand birds. Small flocks of WIGEON
continued to trickle in. At about 8:45 a flock of WIGEON landed. Didn't see
the bird in flight but we looked where they landed and there it was. We had
it for maybe a minute or two. Something, probably an EAGLE caused the entire
flock to lift off and they went away. I don't know if the bird was seen
again later in the day. I presume those birds feeding there probably
returned after a bit. That's it. Good luck and good birding.

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