Ruth Sullivan godwit at
Fri Mar 1 17:15:53 PST 2002

Hello Tweeters,
I got the good news today about the condition of our Falcon we rescued the
other day
Sue McGowen the Clinic manager tol us,there exrayed the bird,and did not
find anything wrong.This is one lucky bird that he only got an abrasion on
the shoulder where he got hit.
( I hope i spelled the word abrasion right? )Any way there will sent me a
photo of this bird.Inever got so many positive reply about picking this bird
up and took it with us,he would have be smashed by onother truck comming the
other way.This is wy this bird is so lucky to be alive,and also he was not
rely hurt that there could not release it or putting it down.Thanks to every
one what wrote to us,giving us advise how to handel a wild rapture.We
certainly learned a lot from this experience.

Ruth Sullivan
godwit at

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