RBA: N ID / E WA / NE OR -- 03/01/2002

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Fri Mar 1 20:57:20 PST 2002


* northern Idaho / eastern Washington / northeastern Oregon
* as above
* March 01, 2002
* IDWA0203.01

- birds mentioned

Surf Scoter
Harris's Hawk
Snowy Owl
Western Scrub-Jay
Hoary Redpoll

- transcript

hotline: northern Idaho / eastern Washington / northeastern Oregon
Date: March 01, 2002
Phone: (208) 882-6195
Compiler: Kas Dumroese
Transcriber: Kas Dumroese - dumroese at iglide.net

This is Kas Dumroese with the Northern Idaho / Eastern Washington /
Northeastern Oregon bird hotline for Friday, Mar 01 (2002). This hotline,
sponsored by Palouse Audubon, is updated every Friday evening. Transcripts
of this RBA and membership info are available on-line at

A WESTERN SCRUB-JAY is still residing near Chief Timothy SP west of
Clarkston, Asotin Co WA. It was located just east of Chief Timothy SP
lagoon. To reach the spot, a good landmark is the small subdivision off
Silcott Hills Road on the south side of US 12. Park at the green gate
closest to Silcott Hills Road and walk just a bit west. The Scrub-Jay was in
and around the bramble there. The bird has been observed in other areas
nearby, and has proven to be secretive at times, so be diligent and patient
in your search. WA DeLorme 43, A-7.

Two SNOWY OWLS were seen 22 Feb on the east end of Morrison Road, just where
it jogs south, then east into Detour Road west of Reardan, Lincoln Co WA
according to Gene Lynch. The birds were also seen by Jamie Acker. WA DeLorme
88, C-1.

A GYRFALCON was just south of the intersection of WA 17 and WA 26 southeast
of Othello, Adams Co WA, on 28 Feb according to Bob Flores.

A SURF SCOTER was on Hayden Lake, Kootenai Co ID on 28 Feb according to Lisa
Hardy. The bird was near Honeysuckle Beach. Hayden Lake is just north of
Coeur d'Alene. From I-90 in CdA, go north on US 95 toward Sandpoint. Pass
the Silver Lake Mall and Prairie Avenue. At the second right past Prairie
Avenue (US 95 milepost 434.3), turn east on Honeysuckle (Texaco on the
corner) and proceed through the light on Government Way. Honeysuckle stops
when it hits 4th Street and 4th becomes Honeysuckle to the left. Take the
left toward Honeysuckle Beach. ID DeLorme 60, AB-1.5 and A Birders Guide to
Idaho p 43-45.

What appears to be a HOARY REDPOLL is at Terry Gray's feeder in Genesee,
Latah Co ID. Terry lives near the end of Fir Street. According to Charles
Swift, the bird is not a prototypical Hoary, but the description is good.

The Palouse HARRIS'S HAWK is still alive and well. Bryan Jamison reports the
bird was in the Lewiston Orchards, Nez Perce Co ID, on 22 Feb.

If you have any questions about birds on the report, call me before 9 pm at
208.883.0943. If you see any of the birds mentioned in this report, be sure
to let me know.

Good birding.


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