Albino Loon Update

taylorrt taylorrt at
Fri Mar 1 23:37:09 PST 2002

Hi Tweets,

Today my Son and I were on a job just north of
Redondo Beach and between other distractions
(work) had a day long view of the water. About 8
AM, there was a loose aggregation of Surf Scoters,
Barrow's Golden-eyes, grebes, cormorants and gulls
with a group of 6 Harlequin ducks (one male in
full bright plumage). About 9 AM the well known
albino loon came up past the house with a partner,
non-albino loon. When it dove it was sometimes
easy to follow as it seemed to travel just below
the surface for most of the dive. Stayed out
front for about 20-30 minutes and drifted back
south and down into the bay.

Hadn't heard it reported lately so thought that I
would pass the word that it was apparently ranging
a little further from its Brown's Point-Pt
Defiance haunts. We'll be there again the first
part of next week so follow-on reports will

Good working and birding weather and great birds!

Robert (Bob) Taylor
taylorrt at
Sumner (Bonney Lake), WA USA

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