FRS radios

Jack Stephens jstephens62 at
Sat Mar 2 07:22:16 PST 2002

I would like to reinforce Denny Granstrand's timely reminder about 2-way FRS
radios. With birders converging on Samish Island this weekend, anyone using
FRS radios can be in contact with anyone in a two mile radius looking for
this bird. The ABA has established channel 11, subcode 22 as a standard for
the US and Canada for this use, for details refer to
If you are thinking of buying a radio for this purpose, make sure that it
does use subcodes, the cheaper models don't. It is also good to make sure
that you can disable the "roger" tones. Many radios have a fairly loud tone
at the end of each communication, which could be disturbing to the birds.

Best of luck, and good birding!

Jack Stephens
Edmonds, WA
jstephens62 at
Use FRS 11/22 when birding the Pacific Northwest

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