Exciting Commute

Melissa McKenzie bmsh.mckenzie at gte.net
Sat Mar 2 16:12:28 PST 2002

I just read a message from someone talking about a pileated woodpecker and
it reminded me that I wanted to post a sighting that was rather exciting for
myself and my kids.

While driving my kids to school along 116th NE in Kirkland, we were
surprised to see a Pileated Woodpecker rising from the grass by the side of
the road up onto one of the utility poles. I slowed to let the kids get a
better look as he started pecking away at the pole, but as we were late I
didn't stop. No more than a block later a red tailed?(I think) hawk swooped
across the road in front of our car, grabbed a small bird and flew back
across the car's path and up toward some trees. Very exciting.

And I was feeling very lucky a couple days before to have seen two mature
bald eagles circling in the air and calling to each other just a couple
blocks from my house. :-)

Happy Birding,

Melissa McKenzie (bmsh.mckenzie at gte.net)
Kenmore By The Lake

When you really start looking...You see things through different eyes.

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