Falcated duck photo

Dan Victor dcv at drizzle.com
Sun Mar 3 08:09:59 PST 2002

Thanks Mike! Yes, those huge graphic files really can mess up the
digest-nomime subscribers.

I've lifted the version you put on the web and posted it to the Gallery.

Dan Victor, Seattle, mailto:dcv at scn.org
Bird Images Gallery = http://www.scn.org/tweeters/images/

On Sat, 2 Mar 2002, Mike Patterson wrote:

> For those who had difficulty with Jerry's Falcated Duck photo

> as an attachment (we're not supposed to attach things on

> tweeters, remember), I have placed a reduced copy in a

> temporary file at my web site. I'm sure Dan will move it

> to the regular tweeters photo page soon.


> http://home.pacifier.com/~neawanna/temp/Falcated.jpg


> > Jerry Eisner wrote:

> >

> > Taken this morning about 9:30 AM just south of Samish Island

> >

> > Nikon Coolpix 995 with TeleVue 76 scope at about 150x.

> > Jerry Eisner

> > Mount Vernon, WA

> > jerry at buckbay.com

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