Photos of Falcated Teal+Painted Bunting:

Ruth Sullivan godwit at
Sun Mar 3 17:05:31 PST 2002

Hello tweeters,
We went today for the Painted Bunting in Seattle.This bird looks so exotic
to see it here in the Nordwest.It is unreal.I picked up my photos wich i
took this morning and there looking good.
Patrick was able to take photos on Tuesday the 29th when we found the
Falcated Teal on the Dike not to far out.He also took photos on Saturday
morning when the Teal was on the Wetland .
Hopeful we will publish this photos on a later date.This was one exiting
week,to get two rare species in one week of birding,plus finding the
Peregrine makes this a special week,i will remember for a long time.

Ruth Sullivan
godwit at

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