Rufous Hummingbird

Sun Mar 3 17:28:39 PST 2002


At 4:50 this afternoon while enjoying the rites of spring (cutting my grass)
I had my first RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRD visit of the year. A gorgeous male was at
my feeder. This is the earliest (by a day) that I've seen one in my yard
since I started keeping track in 1997.

For those keeping track I live on the North end of Lacey near 31st Ave NE &
Meridian Rd, not to far from Luhr Beach boat ramp.

Beautiful day! Glad I got a short walk in at Nisqually before the grass
called. Nothing special along the boardwalk, but good to get out.

Phil Kelley
scrbjay at
(360) 459-1499

"We were few and they were many. Now we are many
and they are few."

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