9 owl day

Colin Thoreen chemical_corps at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 3 18:33:50 PST 2002

Hi tweets,
I had a 9 owl day three years ago during my first birdathon (team Lee
Barnes, Gene Hunn, Brendan McGarry, and I).
A six owl day is an amazing accomplishment and is not achieved easily.
It is hard to compare to a 6 flacon day to a 6 owl day because I think the
possibility 6 falcon day has only occurred in the U.S. a couple times I may
be wrong though. The only times I can think of would be when the Eurasian
Kestrel and the Eurasian Hobby made visits. In my opinion a 13-14 owl day
would be compareable to a 6 flacon day.
Great job on the six owl day, I only get them on

Colin Thoreen
teenbirder at hotmail.com

P.S. The Horay Redpoll Pics will be out soon. Currently they are being
mailed to different birders. If anyone has a slide scanner and would scan
the slides please reply with a mailing address. Thanks.

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