6 falcon day

Michael Dossett phainopepla at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 3 19:03:36 PST 2002

A six owl day was made possible not only on the two
occassions that you mentioned here in WA, but right
now in TX (actually, someone already tried it this
winter). Since there is a gyrfalcon in Lubbock, TX
and they have Aplamado Falcons down there too...the
other 4 are easy enough to guess.

Michael Dossett
Bothell, WA
phainopepla at yahoo.com

--- Colin Thoreen <chemical_corps at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Hi tweets,

> I had a 9 owl day three years ago during my first

> birdathon (team Lee

> Barnes, Gene Hunn, Brendan McGarry, and I).

> A six owl day is an amazing accomplishment and is

> not achieved easily.

> Congratulations!!!.

> It is hard to compare to a 6 flacon day to a 6 owl

> day because I think the

> possibility 6 falcon day has only occurred in the

> U.S. a couple times I may

> be wrong though. The only times I can think of would

> be when the Eurasian

> Kestrel and the Eurasian Hobby made visits. In my

> opinion a 13-14 owl day

> would be compareable to a 6 flacon day.

> Great job on the six owl day, I only get them on

> birdathons!!


> Colin Thoreen

> teenbirder at hotmail.com


> P.S. The Horay Redpoll Pics will be out soon.

> Currently they are being

> mailed to different birders. If anyone has a slide

> scanner and would scan

> the slides please reply with a mailing address.

> Thanks.




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