Painted Bunting

Eugene Kridler ekridler at
Sun Mar 3 19:17:04 PST 2002

Hi all:

When I was the refuge biologist at Maheur N.W. Refuge back in Ancient
Egyptian days, 1960-64, like 42 years ago, I mistnetted tand collected
the male Painted Bunting on 2 June 1963 and established the Oregon State
record, also for the Northwest. As Gene Hunn pointed out, the bird was
sent to the National Museum Collection. I don't know who was more
surprised - the bird or me. Nah, it couldn't be. Yup, it was. Would
wonders never cease.

But in Littlefield's book about birds of Malheur, there is another
record of the bird some years later. I believe by Harry Nehls. I can't
accurately cite the date or person now because I recently loaned the
book to Faye McAdams of the Tahoma Audubon chapter for use in planning a
a field trip in May to Malheur. But as Gene and others have rightly
pointed out, the male of this species is really beautiful, and Steve sai

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