Falcated Duck/ Painted Bunting today? +GGOW, YBLO

Michael Hobbs Hummer at isomedia.com
Mon Mar 4 14:54:30 PST 2002

The Falcated Duck was seen starting about 9:00 and until at least 9:30. It was
a pond or two further south than where it was Sunday, so a scope was essential.

There was also a GREAT GRAY OWL on Samish Island near the very end of Samish
Point Road. The bird was on the east side of the road about 20 yards past the
turnaround north of the Camp.

The YELLOW BILLED LOON was seen around 10:00 next to the Seafarers monument
immediately south of the Cap Sante Boat Basin in Anacortes. It was about 20
feet off-shore, allowing FABULOUS looks.

Alas, my luck ran out. I was unable to locate the Painted Bunting between 1:30
and 2:15.

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== Kirkland WA
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> Has anyone seen either of these birds today???


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