MaryK bassclef at
Mon Mar 4 18:20:29 PST 2002

The presence of this bird was noted during the recent Skagit Hawk Census.
At that time the property owner(s) asked the census-takers not to reveal the
location of the bird, and the folks doing the census, by consensus decided
not to publicize this bird's whereabouts, especially via Tweeters. Bud
Anderson has been reiterating that in his current hawkwatching class
sessions. The point people wanted to make in not revealing the bird's
whereabouts is that birders have a bad enough reputation up in that area of
the state, why do anything to exacerbate the situation. I hope the folks
who inevitably will be going up to locate the bird do it discreetly and with
people's privacy and property rights in mind (as we should always, eh?).

Mary Klein
Seattle WA
BassClef at

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