MiniDisc vs. Cassette Recorders for bird song playback

Wayne C. Weber contopus at
Mon Mar 4 19:11:31 PST 2002

Carol and Tweeters,

No need to mess with MiniDiscs. There are cassette recorders on the
market that are perfectly adequate for playing bird song tapes in the

I use a Realistic cassette recorder Model CTR-73, purchased from Radio
Shack (Realistic is their house brand) for the equivalent of about $50
U.S. a few years ago. It has a speaker that is powerful enough to
elicit a response from a Rock Wren several hundred yards away.

I originally purchased a similar model from Radio Shack in 1987, used
it until I literally wore it out, and bought my current model in the
mid-1990s. I'm sure they still sell something similar to this model.

My philosophy is, why spend a pile of money on new technology when
inexpensive, tried-and-true existing technology is perfectly adequate?

Wayne C. Weber
Kamloops, BC
contopus at

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> Hi Tweeters:

> I occasionally co-lead birding field trips and I occasionally play

bird song

> tapes. (I'm careful to NOT play tapes in parks or heavily-birded


> Right now I use audio-cassette tapes, but am unable to find suitable

> recorders w/ built-in speakers that are compact and reliable and

have decent

> volume.

> I would like to switch to MiniDisc recordable CD's. There was a


> article in Feb 2001 Birding Magazine called "MINIDISCS, A new

technology for

> the birder" by Tom Stephenson. He mentioned 2 for birder use, a

Sony and a

> Sharp MD system. It consists of a recorder/player and a disc. A


> isn't included in the inexpensive models and must be purchased


> from Radio Shack. Ditto for a shotgun mike. The author seems to be


> familiar w/ Sony, and says the recorder will cost about $250. and

the discs

> about $2.

> Is anyone on Tweeters familiar w/ MD's? Any recommendations about

brand and

> where to buy them? Any recommendations about a speaker? I probably


> need a mike at the present time. Maybe I'll get into recording of


> songs later.

> You can reply off list if you'd like.

> Carol Schulz

> DesMoines

> linusq at


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