Gene Lynch vogeler at ieway.com
Mon Mar 4 19:44:19 PST 2002

I use a Sony FM/AM CD Clock Radio (ICF-CD1000). It works on batteries or
plugged in at home. The pop-up lid is the speaker, and the CD will work when
the unit is upside-down, sideways, whatever. The sound is remarkable good,
and I've had success getting birds' attention with it. It plays regular CDs.

It measures 6 1/2 inches square, so it's easy to carry and the controls are
easy to use. It is lightweight. About 5 years ago it cost $100.
I carry it in the field with a bag about the size one would buy for a
bird guide. Works great. My bag is made by Western Pack.

It is far superior to ANY cassette recorder
I've used or seen used in the field, and one gets the superior quality of CD
sound as opposed to tapes, which can get raspy with use.

NOTE: I saw this unit first on a field trip I led for visiting
birders where I lived in California. When my wife tried to locate one for me
as a Christmas gift she had difficulty finding anyone, including Sony
dealers, who knew the unit existed. In fact, she was told by several that such a
unit had never been built by Sony. I have one and I know of at least 3
others. So, persistence may pay.

Gene Lynch

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