Possible Phainopepla in West Seattle

Eugene Hunn enhunn at attbi.com
Mon Mar 4 19:48:56 PST 2002

Rachel et al.,

Curious, as that's near where the only record so far judged believable for
the state was recorded a few years back.


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> There is an unconfirmed but very convincing report of a PHAINOPEPLA in


> Seattle. The couple that observed the bird on a wire in their yard are

> naturalists, have extensive experience with Phainopepla in Arizona, and


> the appropriate field marks. They saw the bird on 3/3 and reported it to

> Seattle Audubon staff today. Steve Dang and I went down there and spoke


> the couple, but were not able to relocate the bird.


> The the original sighting was on the 2300 block of 46th SW in West

> Seattle. Keep your eyes open!


> Rachel Lawson

> Seattle

> RachelLawson at softhome.net


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