Rob Saecker rsaecker at
Mon Mar 4 20:58:52 PST 2002

Carol and tweets,

I heard a report, third-hand but supposedly originating from Cornell,
that some birds don't recognize, and thus won't respond to their song
played back from a mini-disc. This due to the compression required to
put 700 megs of information on that tiny little disc. I'm curious to
know if anyone has any first-hand experience with this, or any other
info to add. Seems to me that if a bird would respond to mini-disc
playback, it might also respond to MP3 playback, and MP3 players are
smaller and cheaper than mini-disc players, though still requiring a
self-powered external speaker.

Personally, I'm looking for a field recording device that will
accomodate 24 bit, 96 or 192kHz, if anyone knows where to find one...

Rob Saecker
rsaecker at

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