Painted Bunting

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Mon Mar 4 21:19:03 PST 2002

Hello Tweets!

And thank you Gene for letting me borrow your book for our upcoming TAS
5-day field trip!

As was mentioned, the first record for the Painted Bunting at Malheur NWR
was by Eugene Kridler, June of 1963. "The second record was obtained June
11, 1977, when H. Nehls and M. Koninendyke observed an individual also at
headquarters. These are the only known records for the Pacific Northwest;
however, as of 1979 there were SEVENTEEN ACCEPTABLE RECORDS from California
(Roberson 1980). The specimen collected by Kridler was of the western form
(P.c. pallidior)."
(caps added by me!)

--Birds of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, Oregon
---Carroll D. Littlefield
---Oregon State University Press, 1990

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