Email on the road

Scott Ray scray at
Mon Mar 4 22:12:19 PST 2002

One doesn't have to own a laptop to have email on the go. I use a cell
phone by ATT (R289LX, one of their standard phones) that allows me to
send/receive/forward/etc on the same email account that I have at home.
This allows me to be up-to-the-minute with Tweeters while on the road. The
system also allows web browsing on a couple of hundred websites.

Emails can be sent to and received from any email account, including other

The wireless internet coverage for this system includes all of western WA
and most of eastern WA except Wenatchee and north, and Walla Walla County.

I've been very happy with the system.

Scott Ray
scray at

Scott Ray
scray at

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