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Tue Mar 5 07:44:22 PST 2002

I, too, agree with Mlodinow. All that's been said applies equally to the Lummi Reservation near Bellingham in terms of privacy and respect, however, they're happy to have birders there so long as a permit is obtained from the tribal office, 2616 Kwina Road, Bellingham. Take exit #260 (Slater Road) west to Haxton (Texaco Station), then south a mile to Kwina, then left to 2616, a blue building, first one on your left. They've said they'll also do this by FAX; the office number is (360) 384-1489.
It's worth it. Last Saturday we saw a Peregrine falcon harass a heron, whose reaction was almost comically grotesque, and then go after a Golden Eagle, all on the same flight. This was after we saw the dark-morph Rough-legged hawk and the light-morph Harlan's, identifications confirmed by the trip leader, Bud Anderson, who said this was only the fourth light-morph Harlan's he's ever seen. The raptors are moving out here and in the Samish and Skagit flats but the Harlan's was still at the mouth of the Lummi River yesterday.

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