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Tue Mar 5 08:21:03 PST 2002

Connie, Steve and All Tweeterdome,
The nail on the head!
I went up to Samish Island Sunday looking for the Falcated Duck. We (I
include myself) all stood in someone's driveway (was the property owner
consulted?) with our eyes peeled over the thousands of Wigeons that were in
the distant field near the dike. I later commented to my husband that had
someone thought to erect toll booth somewhere before the area where the bird
has been sighted, they could have made a bundle of money. I wondered if
there were going to be tour buses coming out to see this rarity. The period
that I was there, I estimated around 15 to 20 cars parked along the road and
around 30 to 40 people.
I did not get to see this unusual visitor to our area. I was disappointed to
have missed it by 15 minutes. You know what though, the highlight was seeing
a Bald Eagle swoop down and take out a duck for breakfast. Another, was
observing a Peregrine Falcon in flight over the field and back again multiple
times. I thrilled over the flight of the Wigeons when they were spooked by
something. How about the Hutton's Vireo calling in the background? What
about the Robins singing their springtime songs?

Isn't birding great!?

I will not go looking for the Painted Bunting. I will however, go to see a
rare bird on private property only when as a birder I am welcomed by the
property owner to do so. I have gone to see the Tropical Kingbird in Stanwood
and the Northern Hawk Owl up near Blaine in the past. These were wonderful
exciting experiences and I will remember them always. In both cases, the
property owners welcomed us all. I do not want to be remembered as a rude
disrespectful person that disregards the rights and wishes of another just to
see a bird. I would rather miss out.

Happily Birding,
Beth Thompson
Arlington, WA

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