Painted Bunting- STOP

Paul Moorehead pjm at
Tue Mar 5 08:52:56 PST 2002


Glad to hear Steve speaking up here on this issue. I've never seen a
painted bunting. I have no plans on seeing the Capitol Hill bird. I am
not a lister. I think that part of the problem with people feeling they
"need" to see a particular bird has to do with the "sport" of birding
and the desire to have another bird for a particular list. I am happy
not to have been bitten by this bug.

I have been over to try to see the falcated duck twice with no success.
The last time was last Sunday, a beautiful day, and there were flocks of
telescope-carrying bird watchers moving about. I went out to the dike to
try to get a better vantage. Found out that one of the farmers was not
happy about people walking his part of the dike. I respected his
property rights and let other duck seekers know of his desires. He had
no sign on his property saying no trespassing. He doesn't have to place
a no trespassing sign on his property to keep people off his property.
If people want to access a piece of property they have to have
permission from the property owner. This gets tricky when an adjacent
owner is the public as in this case.

The farmer could probably save himself a lot of grief by placing a sign
on the dike stating his wishes. As bird watchers, we should be careful
about where we are. Remembering to ask permission of land owners goes a
long way in creating good relationships. And sometimes we have to let
the birds come to us.

Hoping the great grey owl flies over to Guemes,

Paul Moorehead
pjm at
Guemes, WA

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