Birding in Bellingham

Laura Jordison lebaron85 at
Tue Mar 5 10:19:00 PST 2002

Hello Tweeters,
It's been good birding around this area lately. Went to the Reifel Migratory
Bird Sanctuary recently and got a good view of both the male and female
Great Horned Owls. Also saw a Cinnamon Teal pair and a Greater White-fronted
Goose. Oh yeah and a Tundra swan! Anyway, I don't have much time on the
computer, so what I wanted to ask, is where are some good places to go
birding around Bellingham? The time will be the beginning of April. I will
be heading there for an outing for my birthday, so I would like to see some
really good birds! You can reply by using my e-mail ljordison at
Laura Jordison
Ladner, BC

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